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View your contacts profile picture from Facebook when they call you and when you call them.

Keep your contacts always up-to-date with latest data from Facebook (picture, birthday, status, address, website, company and job title).

It only takes one touch to sync your contacts with your Facebook friends!

SmartSync automatically finds the matching Facebook friends for your contacts. It will offer you best match suggestions even if a perfect match is not found for a contact.

It will not overwrite your existing contact pictures or information, unless you want it to.

Option to sync contact names, high resolution profile pictures, custom settings for indevidual contacts and More.

View all your contacts birthdays in one convenient place. Get reminders for contacts birthdays and never forget your friends birthdays again!

Send your friends awesome gifts on Facebook. Send cool gifts for birhdays, holidays, graduation or just to the people you love. There are hundreds of beautiful gifts to share and spice up your Wall posts.